Goolarri Media Enterprises is an Indigenous owned organisation which formed in Broome in 1991. It has been built from the ground up into a large organisation that is highly engaged in numerous forms of media including television, radio, training and events.  Goolarri Media is heavily involved in the Broome community and hosts a number of acclaimed events. These including Kimberley Girl, Kullarri NAIDOC Festival and A Taste of Broome.  Goolarri is experienced in holding events, meetings and performances and the friendly staff are always willing to share their knowledge.


The Goolarri premises contains a number of venues in which to hold events, meetings, performances and social functions. These venues are also utilised by a number of organisations, individuals and companies, not only within the Broome community, but across Australia and around the world.

Goolarri Events

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The Goolarri Amphitheatre is an outdoor venue fully equipped to hold large outdoor events throughout the year.  Goolarri Media utilises this venue for its largest events such as Kimberley Girl and A Taste of Broome.  The venue includes an outdoor stage, large lawn area, the Gimme Club and all its facilities and is fully licensed, as well as car park and seating. This is ideal for large events that continue to attract big audiences


Capacity: 680

Goolarri Amphitheatre

The Gimme Club is an events venue located on the Goolarri grounds. It is a well-established venue suitable for concerts, workshops, large meetings, performances, rehearsals and more. The Gimme Club includes a fully licensed bar, stage, lighting and sound equipment.


The Gimme Club is versatile and can be set up for a range of different purposes. Available for hire to the public, organisations and businesses, the Gimme Club is a fantastic venue that will suit your needs.

Below are some examples of various set ups of the Gimme Club.

The Gimme Club is equipped with the  following:


  • 156 person capacity seating (Internal) and 96 person capacity (External) (252 total)
  • Table and seating options configured to your requirements.
  •  Catering Menu upon request.
  • Tea/Coffee facilities.
  • Large podium stage
  • Quality sound, lighting and projection equipment.
  •  PA System + Microphones
  • Large Projection Screen (Fixed: 6 x 4m)
  • Lecturn and  presentation whiteboards.
  •  Photocopying and printing service upon request.
  • Full Bar License and Bar Facility.
  • Refer to our Gimme Club Hire Fees and Gimme Club Hire Packages for booking information and options.

Gimme Club

General Enquiries


Phone:   (08) 9195 5333


7 Blackman Street Broome

Venue Manager


Kelly Francis

Contact Us

Sponsorship Benefits


You will receive the following benefits as a Goolarri Amphitheatre sponsor:

  • Stage Signage on the Goolarri Amphitheatre stage
  • Media Exposure
  • Program Credits e.g. "This event is proudly supported by..........." on all Goolarri event advertising including the internationally recognised Kimberley Girl
  • Event merchandising opportunities
  • VIP access and privileges


You will receive the following benefits as a Gimme Club sponsor:

  • Venue Signage in the Gimme Club only
  • Media Exposure
  • Program Credits e.g. "This event is proudly supported by........" on event advertising of Gimme Club events only


Option 1

Evening show only

Goolarri Amphitheatre

Maximum 300 people

Tasting Plates and full table service

Drinks packages optional

Full show including traditional and contemporary dance and stalls


Option 2

Day or Evening show

Gimme Club

Maximum 120 people

Tasting plates and full table service

Drinks packages optional

Music and picture show only


Option 3

External Venue

Corporate shows outside of Goolarri

With tasting plates, screen, PA system, lighting and some stalls if possible.

Indoor Venue prices starting at


Outdoor Venue prices starting at





Sponsorship Goolarri Amphitheatre and Gimme Club


By sponsoring the Goolarri Amphitheatre and Gimme Club your contribution would support the maintenance and management of these venues and equipment so we could continue to open them up to the public at an affordable rate.

This would enable community musicians and performing artists to book the venue for concerts and rehearsals at limited or no cost and would ensure we can keep our entry fees minimal so our venues are accessible for all.


We have 2 venue sponsorship options available to you:

Community Benefits


Both the Gimme Club and the Goolarri Amphitheatre are purpose built venues and are supported by the infrastructure and production needs necessary to ensure they remain relevant and can continue to attract a range of guests including locals and tourists as well as a corporate market for private events.


In turn, these venues benefit not only the audience members who get to attend these events which may not be otherwise staged but the social benefit also exists for performers, youth and external clients who use and book these facilities.


Goolarri puts a large in-kind value into managing and maintaining these venues with no personal gain however we are fully aware that closing these venues would have a negative impact on the community.

Why align with us?


Goolarri Media supports involvement by Australians in inclusive activities reflecting our cultural diversity by providing a forum and showcasing Indigenous performing artists and youth in a professional capacity.


This in turn creates understanding and awareness of Indigenous peoples contributing to the enhancement of a distinct Kimberley Indigenous profile and identity whilst presenting recognised role models for Indigenous youth.

Gimme Club

permanent indoor venue signage measuring 900mm x 600mm with your company branding (all signage costs included in sponsorship) at a total annual cost of $5000 plus GST.


The period of sponsorship is for a full 12 month term.

Goolarri Amphtitheatre

permanent weatherproof mounted stage sign measuring 1.2m x 1.2m with your company branding (all signage costs included in sponsorship) at a total annual cost of $7000 plus GST.

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