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Community Radio Station - 6GME Radio Goolarri 99.7 FM Radio Goolarri first commenced broadcasting on ABC Regional Radio in August, 1991 with a one hour a week magazine program.


As the station developed and the skills of trainees flourished the station gradually increased its airtime to meet staff and community demand.


The station was eventually broadcasting 25 hours per week on ABC until it started to operate its own community radio license in July 1998 by broadcasting 24 hours a day. Radio Goolarri provides an avenue whereby social, cultural and political ideas and concerns can be expressed.


It is also an area where traditional language, music and culture can be fostered along with the more contemporary forms of artistic expression. It’s a place where Indigenous people can tell their own stories in their own way. It’s also a place for non-Indigenous and Indigenous people to come together.


Radio Goolarri - Radio not to miss!


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On Air Programs

Alternative Radio

Alternative Radio

9-10pm Thursdays


Alternative Radio is a weekly, award winning one-hour public affairs program that broadcast Nationally on community radio.


AR provides information, analysis and views that are ignored or distorted in most mainstream media.


Since 1986 David Barsamian and his team have sought to capture the spoken word of some of the worlds most radical thinkers.


Spanning the full range of political, social and environmental issues, AR seeks to promote informed, intellectually stimulating and entertaining debate on the issues that affect residents of our global village.


AR is currently broadcast on over 125 stations on four continents, reaching an audience of millions.

Indij Hip Hop Show

Indij Hip Hop Show

 Fridays 4-5pm


produced from Koori Radio in Sydney and Hosted by munkimuk (aka The Grandfather of Indigenous Hip Hop) this show has been going since October 2007.


Always one step ahead of the rest Munk will introduce you to bands long before the mainstream discovers them

Black Chung

Black Chung

Friday 5-6pm


Russell Dann presents an hour of deadly indigenous music with a focus on the Kimberley region.


This show has been picked up by a number of stations and the national spotlight is being shone on the Kimberley music scene.


Interviews, insights and great music.

Jamdown Vershun

Jamdown Vershun

Saturday 5-7pm


Australias longest running reggae radio show is now being broadcast into Broome on Radio Goolarri.


General Justice, Mumma Trees and the crew broadcast every week from the studios of RTR-FM in Perth and the vibe gets put to air in the Kimberley 5-7 Saturday Nights.

My Mob Music

My Mob Music

Wed 7-8pm


An hour of indigenous music coming hot off the airwaves from Perth’s Noongar Radio.


Hosted by Wayne Bynder you will discover the great scope that the nations first people contribute to our musical landscape.

Showcase Australia

Showcase Australia

 Wed night 10-11pm


Connie Kis Anderson brings country to the Country.

On air since September 2011, SHOWCASE AUSTRALIA is a weekly, one-hour program introducing listeners to current radio singles and new albums released to Australian Country Radio by Australian artists.

Earth Matters

Earth Matters

Monday 5:30pm


Local, national and international environmental issues from grassroots, activist perspectives with a strong social justice focus.


From the studios of 3CR in Melbourne

Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule

Fri & Sat 1030pm - midnight


Ultima Thule was the term used in ancient times to describe the regions lost in the mists of legend, lying far beyond the realms of the known world.


The longest running programme of its type in Australia, enthralling audiences with a unique blend of ambient and atmospheric music from around the world.


Each broadcast is presented as a 90 minute ambient soundscape narrative, with minimal announcer interruption.

Salty Dog Blues n Roots

Salty Dog Blues n Roots

Sun 2-4pm


Salty Dog Blues N Roots is a weekly 2 hour radio broadcast featuring the best Australian and world blues, roots and alternate country - since April 2005.


Produced by Salty Dennis Trevarthen in Melbourne, Australia and broadcast on syndication.

Rejoice Tonehounds!

Country Lachdown

Country Lachdown



Playing the newest country music straight from Nashville along with a sprinkling of Aussie artists and country classics.

Bran Nue Secondhand


Bran Nue Secondhand

Mondays 7-9pm


Join Peter Lean on Monday nights as he explores the world of the cover version – hear elvis shaken up, johnny cash take on nine inch nails or maybe Dolly Parton reworked by the White Stripes.


Its new but its old - Bran Nue Secondhand is the ultimate recycler.

Night Rider

Night Rider

Monday 9-11PM


Music has the power to elevate and liberate us. It sets people free to dream. It can unite us to sing with one voice.


Such is the value of music.


From the beautiful to bizarre, the exciting to unusual, Night Rider is a show that draws influences and inspirations from all corners of the musical spectrum in a two-hour electronic musical experience like no other.

Hosted by the enigmatic Cathie Martin, Night Rider embraces different perspectives on music and the dance floor, breaking through the mediocre to explore the realms of the extraordinary and the new.


Come and ride the night and explore the underground corners and secretive hideouts of house, deep house, dub, ambient dub, folky world bits, soul, funk, disco, down-tempo...

The Hammer

The Hammer

Wednesdays 8-10PM


United we Rock !

Metal Moe will get your head shaking every Wednesday Night with his picks from across this vast genre.


Thrash, Doom, Melodic, Symphonic or Stoner – you’ll get a dose of them all!


Put the Hammer down.

Ros's Afternoon Delights

Ros’s Afternoon Delights

Thursday 1-2PM


Tune in on Thursday afternoons for a mixed bag of music - Ros often has a theme for the playlist - ARIA winners, female artists, songs about the weather… so you might hear a Top 10 hit, a ‘one hit wonder’ or an ‘oldie but a goodie’! One thing is for sure, you will be able to sing along to the music in this hour and may even feel the need for a bit of chair dancing.


A sports fan, Ros will also keep you up to date with what’s happening in the local WKFL footy and other community events in Broome.


It’s the music you really want to hear on the radio Thursdays Afternoon Delights.

The Mixed Bag


The Mixed Bag

Ffridays 1-2PM


DJ Derne keeps your Fridays pumped with his random selections from all corners of the globe.


Not bound by any conventions it’s a true Mixed Bag.

"Environmental news from Broome and the Kimberley. Tune in Mondays 6pm to 7pm WST"

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This radio station is supported by the Australian Government through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Western Australian Government through the Department of Health.

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